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Aaravi from Mumbai
Aaravi from Pune
The shortest route to Aaravi from Pune is via Mulshi and the alternate route is via Bhor ghat and Goregaon.
The straight forward route to Aaravi is via Mangain however the shorter route is via Nagothane - Roha
Aaravi can be reached either from Diveagar or Shrivardhan however considering the current road condition it would be better to approach Aaravi from Diveagar. Bothe the routes concur at Mhasala.

Aaravi from Mumbai - From Mumbai take the Goa highway uptil Nagothane. From Nagothane take SH via Roha to reach Mhasala. Aaravi is 25 Kms from Mhasala.
Aaravi from Pune - The shortest route to reach Aaravi from Pune would be via Mulshi Tamhini ghats and Mangaon. From Mangaon take the SH to Mhasala and drive further to reach Aaravi via Diveagar. The alternate route is via Bhor and Goregaon ghats.