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Check out the photographs of Shri Sadguru Kripa, Diveagar and its surroundings
There is lots to see in and around Aaravi with Shri Sadguru Kripa as a base.
Aaravi is the least known and undiscovered of all the beaches in raigad, so if you are looking for a secluded spot there is no better place in this region than Aaravi.

A beautiful stretch of beach with soft a layer of white sand beach and two hillocks on either ends gives Aaravi a look of the fabled lost paradise!

Shri Sadguru Kripa is the only hotel available in Aaravi as of now!
When you stay at Shri Sadguru Kripa the beach at Aaravi becomes an almost private beach for you!

Walk up the hillock from Shri Sadguru Kripa to the sunset point and you can get a beautiful panoramic view of the setting sun and the ocean.